Missions & Outreach

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Reaching out to others Locally and Globally.


Community Outreach

Tigard Church of God members enjoy being able to include those from our local communities in special events throughout the year, and reaching out to help others whenever we can.  Our annual “Community Thanksgiving Dinner,” our Christmas musical, and Christmas boxes for selected families in need, and our delicious community barbecue are just some of the ways we enjoy helping and welcoming our neighbors.

We also look for opportunities to help the homeless and others in need around us. If you wish to get involved, come and see what the Lord has for you!  Click here for more information about this dynamic program.

Global Missions

Tigard Church of God has long been a support to global missions, by supporting missionaries and other workers of the Kingdom of God, both financially and physically. We financially help statewide, national and internationally the needs of people in crisis.

We have also sent a team of youth and adults to Mexico to help build homes for the less fortunate, and seek ways to be used by God wherever He may lead. As the Lord supplies, we try to allow Him to use us for His glory.

We’re blessed to be able to currently support too the missionaries or mission projects you see below.


M-NachtigallsPatrick and Jamie Nachtigall, Regional Coordinators
Patrick and Jamie reside in Germany.  They are regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East and lead the Three Worlds team, which focuses on raising up a new generation of globally engaged Christians, supporting empowered emerging leaders in the CHOG, and creating inner connectivity within the CHOG internationally.


johnandgwenjohnsonJohn and Gwen Johnson, Vietnam
John and Gwen Johnson will serve in Vietnam as Pastor of the Hanoi International Fellowship at the My Dinh site. They will also create and teach a curriculum for Bible, spiritual formation and discipleship for the international community as well as assist with leadership development and training.

Bassem & Roula Melki2Bassen & Roula Melki, Beirut, Lebanon


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