Living Bridges

I have heard that the people who live in Cherrapunji, India have developed a unique way to get across the many rivers and streams in their land.  They grow bridges from the roots of rubber trees.  These living bridges take between 10 to 15 years to mature, but once they are established, they are extremely stable and last for hundreds of years.

Tree by waterThe Bible compares a person who trusts in God to a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river (Jeremiah 17:8).   Because its roots are well‐ nourished, this tree survives soaring temperatures.  During a drought it continues to yield fruit.

When I was somewhat younger, I remember doing a Sunday School promotion to help people discover the need to attend Sunday morning small groups where we could interact with each other,  The theme that year was this passage in Jeremiah.   Everyone was to invite their families, friends and neighbors to come and sing, celebrate and enjoy the day.  That month of invitation worked well and many new families and individuals came to share with us.  But what impacted them more than any part of the service were the lives and the love of those who lived for God daily who came into contact with them. Like a firmly rooted tree, people who rely on God have a sense of stability and vitality despite the worst circumstances. In contrast, people who place their trust in other s human‐ness often live with a sense of instability.

Desert ShrubOur world is filled with instability right now and it seems to be spreading rapidly. The Bible compares people whose lives are unstable to desert shrubs that are frequently malnourished and stand alone (v.6).  So it is with the spiritual lives of people who forsake God. Maybe we should ask ourselves: Where are our roots?  Are we rooted in Jesus? (Col. 2:7).  Are we a bridge that leads others to Him?

If we know Christ, we can testify to this truth: Blessed are those who trust in the Lord (Jeremiah 17:7). Hey people, do you remember this old song of the church?

Jesus is all the world to me  |  my life, my joy, my all  |  He is my strength from day to day  |  With‐ out Him I would fall. (Thompson)

Even strong trials cannot blow down a person who is rooted in God. So, why are so many people who attend church falling left and/or right?  I believe it is the roots!  If the root system doesn’t grow deep and strong then we will fall.  The only way for the roots to grow strong is something most of us have heard over and over and still don t practice, prayer, reading and obedience!

Our job ~ if we should decide to accept it ~ is to lead others to Christ. That s it!  Live in such a way that others will see that we are planted near the living water of Jesus Christ and growing strong. As we grow, so will those who follow us!

Have you ever stopped to think that Jesus said, Come follow me. That is what we are called to do. Ask our families, friends and others to Come Follow Me. The danger is, if we are not planted with deep roots, is that we will mislead them and thus we will be accountable for that! When we are planted well and deep, we lead them closer to Him!

Start praying with me and asking the Lord to lead our lives toward Him. Pray that God will give us the desire to follow Him and then lead others toward Him daily. Don t beat them into submission, lead them in your submission! Let your roots be a bridge for others!

See you Sunday!
Pastor Milt


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